COVID-19: How Enraf-Nonius equipment can help in the Intensive Care phase

We all can do something to fight COVID-19!

Some extremely good solutions to recover from COVID-19 with the aid of Enraf-Nonius equipment are probably allready within your reach!

Please find herunder how we can assist you to provide the best solution for therapists to allow them to treat their patients - starting at the ICU!

With NMES (Neuro Muscular Electro Stimulation) the patient can be already be prepared for his rehabilitation phase - even when he is mechanically ventilated!!
This early rehabilitation prevents severe muscle loss and helps the patient tremendously when he is discharged from the ICU.
It is a perfect treatment modality and already proven effective for other severe lung diseases.

This NMES consists of a symmetrical biphasic square pulse (with pulse duration of 400 µsec.).
The contraction relaxation cycle is 16 seconds, consisting of:

  • 1 second ramp-up
  • 6 seconds contraction
  • 1 second ramp-down
  • 8 seconds relaxation

First you start with a warming-up phase of 3 minutes at 5 Hz.
Then the frequency is set at 15 Hz (LF-NMES) or 75 Hz (HF-NMES).
The intensity is adjusted tot the individual tolerable value.
The total session cycle is 18 minutes (including the warming up)

For placement of the electrodes please click here.

This treatment can be given with many Enraf-Nonius units.

Endomed 484


The perfect solution for COVID-19 treatment in the critical phase. With this 4-channel electro-stimulator you can simultaneously treat the left and the right major leg muscles (quadriceps and calf muscles)

Endomed 482


Excellent device for muscle stimulation

Sonopuls 492


The top device - not only for ultrasound therapy - but also for all electrotherapy modalities.

Endomed 684


Perfect device in order to simultaneously train the left and right leg muscles like the Endomed 484 Although a development from over a decade ago, it still is perfectly upgradable with the COVID-19 protocol.

Endomed 682  

Same as the Endomed 484, but for one leg only. But also still upgradable for this COVID-19 protocol

Sonopuls 692


Like our Sonopuls 492 the all-round treatment unit. not just and only for ultrasound-therapy but also for muscle stimulation.

Myomed 632


Biofeedback, myofeedback and electrotherapy all in one unit. For COVID-19 the electrotherapy modality can provide early rehabilitation

TensMed S82


Small in size but great in performance. A 2-channel electro-stimulator that can do the job for COVID-19 patients.

TensMed S84


The top professional product for pain relief and muscle stim. Being a 4-channel device also capable of treating both legs simultaneously.


Please inform your therapists about the early rehabilitation possibilities of these units.

There already are thousends of units out there and it would be great if they can be deployed for the aid of COVID-19 patients.


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