COVID-19 treatment in the Acute phase (hospitalization and ICU rehabilitation)

ICU acquired muscle weakness (ICUAW) is one of the most obvious consequences of critical illness, and one of the main treatment goals.

Enraf-Nonius equipment can be deployed at an early stage - during a stay in the ICU or nursing ward. The recently introduced ENDOMED 484 muscle stimulator offers versatile options for prevention of loss of muscle mass and to gain strength. This can allready take place if patients are at the ICU on a ventilator (26, 32, 33, 39). In this procedure (NMES or Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) the Quadriceps and calf muscles of both legs are stimulated electrically. The ENDOMED 484 also features a biphasic pulse with interphase interval. The advantage of using this particular pulse is that it enhances the contraction force of Quadrcipes Femoris muscle (37).

The use of this form of therapy fits well within the applicable guidelines of the KNGF regarding the acute phase (22), which recommends that '(early) mobilization / exercise therapy is important to stimulate patients to exercise to maintain the general condition. and limiting loss of function '.

However, given the severity of the clinical picture, it will not be possible (directly) for a number of COVID-19 patients to actively implement this. In this case, the ENDOMED 484 can help.

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